Hi!! To all of  Millie's favorite bloggers  Wow it has been a fast 4 months since I have been taking care of the Mill and the lovely brides that come through!  I know I have the prettiest, kindness, most generous brides ever.  Just take a look at the decoration room!!!   I believe all of you love the Mill the way we do.  The loving hands that put up their decorations and the way you clean the old girl up is amazing.  Unfortunately the burlap runners with lace that previous brides left for future brides have gone missing!!   Plus all the frilly lace linens I had for brides to use on cake table and guest book tables are gone also.  I am hoping that they are returned.  Hoping they got in someone's box by mistake.  Unfortunately my hubby has had some serious heart and lung issue we have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks or so.  I took my off the Mill for a hot minute not sure when they were last used.  I have went back thru some pics but doesn't help much.  So if anyone knows their where about please send them back.  They were given by a generous heart!   A previous bride texted me and told me she would keep her eye out for more!!  See my brides are generous and caring about the Mill!!   I have a computer teckie coming to do a professional job on web page!   Watch for new exciting things to happen.  I am so excited!!   As always Love and Hugs from  Millie  
Hi all my Millies!!

Hope everyone is ready for Fall.  I know the Mill is getting ready.  We have some pretty Mums out front.  My lovely brides continue to pay it forward.  Millie has many many decorations to share.  June, July, August and September are put to bed.  Millie had several beautiful weddings, baby showers ,bridal showers and graduation parties this Summer!    Each and every one of you has done an amazing job fixing the ole girl up!    Millie has enjoyed the loving care you take of her since she is 120 plus years old.  Her boards creak, her body is getting ready for the cold brrrr winter.  She wants you all to know she loves each and every one of you!!    Plus I know Jeff ( my hubby ) Number #1 handiman and I thank you for being patience with us!!  I am learning along with my brides.  I met the most loving, amazing people there is in the World!   Thank -you all   I think I have this!   I know I love meeting and listening to all your dreams for your weddings and all other events.   Love and Hugs to all  Denise

Dates filling up fast for 2016

Hi   Millies.  We are in wedding ,baby, bridal shower mode!!   It is an exciting place at the Mill.   I love meeting everyone!  Smiles dreams and the perfect venue for special day.  Dates for 2016 are filling up fast.  If you are thinking graduation day.  Call/text me (419) 564-4740  Let the Mill take a load off your mind and the rest you can plan.     Come look I can show anytime!  Brides if you thinking about wedding of your dreams come look!  See if the unique beauty of mill can fit your dream of the perfect venue!    2016 dated are filling up extremely fast!  Don't miss out. 

The past brides have started their own traditions!  The beautiful items they pay forward to the coming up brides are beyond generous.  New to the share room is flowers, glassware,wood items,beautiful signs.  We now have  a three tiered boxes for wedding cake and cup cakes.  Plus barn doors to finish wedding arch if you want to use them!     Come check the Mill out.  I hear a lot of brides pay extra for a lot of the pretties.  Come check out what we share with all the Mill brides.    Hugs the Mill  Where dreams do come true as you fall in LOVE with the Mill
Hi Everyone!   I just want to Thank you  all especially the Brides and Grooms and families and everyone else that has rented the Mill since the Last Saturday in  May and June 2015  forward.  I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart a great big Thank-you!!   You have been so patience with me as I learn.  I have had the funiest 2 months with you.  Each and everyone of you are special to me.  The way you decorate the Mill for your " Dream day"   I love them all.    Again Thank you so much for renting the Mill and giving me the opportunity to show you this unique beautiful Mill.  If you come to look you will be hooked!  Hugs Denise

Brides are you thinking about Spring or Summer 2016 wedding?   Dates are filling up fast!  Call/Text (419)564-2869   Check us out on Facebook :   Events at the Mill   Let us help make your Wedding Memories   The Mill Thanks Denise
Hi Everyone.  Been busy.  Got more plastic stackable chairs with a cart.  Hope more of those are coming.  Plus Men's and women's bathroom are handicap accessible.  Actually entire Mill is handicap accessible!!   I wanted to Update dates!! Brides and anyone wanting to host a baby, bridal shower.  Class reunion family reunion gives a try.  We are a beautiful rustic Mill.  One Saturday in September open Sept 19,2015 due to a cancellation!   Sundays in Sept 13 th and 20 th, 2015 All Sundays in October are open.  Check your calendars and give me a call!!  I will work hard to help you make great memories!!!!   Thanks the Mill Denise
Hi All !!  We have added a couple antique items which seem to go over quite well with the Brides.  Also Jeff ( my hubby) has been hard at work finding more chairs.  He scores!!  Lol  He found 38 more nice white plastic fold up chairs with a cart.  This will make quick work set up and tear down  when brides want an outdoor wedding.  With the new arch it should look really nice!   Hopefully more chair are coming soon from the same place.  Bride Nicole is turning the Mill into a beautiful venue for today's events.  Good Luck to the happy couple!  Hugs
Hi All  Blog was down could not get to it.  My friend Mark B came over and has me up and running again.  First off still looking for Sept bride Alissa.   Went to Mill at 7:00 pm with hubby and spent 3 hours cleaning.  Everything done!!  It was hot!  That will have to do for tonight's exercises.   Bride Nicole has a lot of Mill decorated already it looks really nice.  If anyone is thinking about 2016 weddings.  Please call quickly.  All Saturdays in June gone  2 Saturdays in July gone.  Graduation parties are filling up fast.   Never would have dreamed it.  I never panned a year in advance put now see the need to.  Lol    Goodnight all  this old lady at the mill is tired.  Hugs
Hi All back from a three day Class reunion fun!   Time to get back to work for my brides and all the other bridal, baby showers and reunions.  Any event you want.   Tell you honestly I am having the time of my life.  The brides are beautiful, pleasant, gracious, All the shower and reunion people are also super duper ( Now u can guess my age)   LOL  I have never met such giving people in my life.  I am blessed.  I believe my brides have started a tradition of leaving something behind for the next bride.    It's like family!  And NO bridezillias!!!   LOL  My gals are sweet as sugar.  Hugs
Hi Bloggers,  What a beautiful day!  We have a new arch with fencing for the brides to use to get married under.  I am still searching for Sept bride Alissa  If anyone has any info on her please call/ text me (419)564-2869   Also I have 2 dates open Sept 19, 2015  and Oct. 24, 2015  Interested in being a Fall bride call me!  Plus all of November is open.  Have your choice of Saturdays!   Thanks Denise Hugs
Hi All!   Just a quick blog.  Bride this week is Tina and her groom is Charles.   I want to wish them the very best!   I am looking for a MIA bride Alissa her wedding date is Sept 26, 2015.  I have heard nothing for her.  In the schedule book it says Alissa that's it.  There is one Saturday left  Sept 19, 2015.   Is there any bride out there looking for a wedding date?  call me (419) 564-2869.   One Sunday left  August 23,2015.  Anyone need  venue for baby,bridal showers or family reunion?  Come check the Mill out I am sure you will love it!    Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all that has had an event or checked the Mill out.   Hugs Denise  
Hi All
  I hope you all had a Happy safe 4th.  Things are rolling along at the Mill.  Showing and parties for repeat customers.  WooHoo.  I hope we have many repeats over the next years.  Wedding through October are filling up fast.  Sept 5th and Sept 19 th   are open dates.  Just wanted to say Hi and touch base.  Have a wonderful day.  The Mill
Hi All   A wedding, baby shower, bridal shower are the events in our lives that bring smiles to our faces.    I just want to say.  Thank -you to all the generous brides that have used the Mill.  The brides are the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen.  Looks like the brides have started a giving tradition.  Shannon gave her bells/kiss cards to Haley a bride I was showing the Mill too.  Sabrina left her bubbles that they forgot to use!  LOL   Sabrina left her aisle runner which I gave to bride Marissa.  Then the bottles that Marissa put a lot of time and love into painting them  Scarlet and gray.  She left them for the next bride that uses those colors!  3 wedding done.  The brides have been so patience with me.  I am just hoping I am helpful and not a pesky pest!     I still am waiting, hoping the bride whose wedding is July 11, 2015 gets hold of us.  (419) 564-2869  So please please pass this on. Share it.  To be totally honest I don't even know if you can share post!    Lovingly The Mill  The lil old man and lady who take care if the Mill!!!
Good Evening All  We have a beautiful bride Marissa and her groom decorating this week .  They are wrapping lights in tulle. It's going to look nice all lite up.  Marissa's finance was busy fixing broken table legs for me.  Thank you very much!   I am still in search of two July brides?  (419) 564-2869 please pass cell number on if you know  brides.  We have a Saturday in September and one in October if you are searching for a beautiful unique one of a kind venue.   Brides / Grooms all of November is open if you are seeking the perfect place.  Call/Text me.  I will take you through the Mill any day,  morning, day or night .  We would love the opportunity to make your special occasion exceptional!  
Good Evening,  Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there a couple hours early.    This morning Jeff re-strung lights in the food room.  He got them strung clear across the room.  We washed all the white outside tables and chairs.  I hope Lexington class of 2005 has a great evening full of new memories!  I did not know if this blog was  reaching anyone and a very nice lady named Brenda told me she enjoys the blog.  Thank you very much.  Met some new friends today.  They were telling me they where transplants to Ohio
They had the cutest lil one!    Thank you so much for visiting Mill!  I am excited for you in 2016.  So happy the Mill will be your home base for your wedding.    As always Thanks the Mill
Good Evening all.  This girl is tired.  Been at the Mill most of the day.  Jeff set up racks where all decorations can be seen.   I was up till 1:30 AM last night washing beautiful glassware.  Finished up today.  Jeff is getting another rack for linens , flowers and table runners!!  Broke at least 6 glass pretties.  Was cleaning shelves again and got off balance grabbed shelves to steady my self and they are just sitting in slots.  Down came 6 bottles!   Jeff mopped floors again.   New solar  lights out front.   I am excited about brides coming in.  Saturday night Lexington class reunion.  I hope they make a ton of new memories.  This chick is  going to shower and heading to bed.  Call/ text me I am excited to show the Mill.  Night All
Good Evening!  Worked at Mill getting all the decorations organized in a different room so brides can see all there is to use.   Liquid gold to all wood areas.   Light airy curtains up  Vertical blind up in front room.  Cleaning all glass ware tonight.  We are  getting excited.  Flowers planted outside.  Mowing tomorrow.  Windows washed.    Call / text come on out and see what's going on at the Mill.    Saturday July 4, 2015 open date.  Saturday September 19, 2015 opened up due to a cancellation   Saturday October 10, 2015 open.   Many Sundays 2015 open for baby/ bridal showers.    If you are considering the Mill for 2016      May - October 2016 filling up fast.   Thanks to all who has chosen the Mill
Good Evening,  This is my first try at blogging.  I want to express my gratitude to every bride, groom, family member, anyone that has chosen the Mill to hold your special Event.   We have been busy getting the Mill ready for your special occasion!   Please share all the contact information we have out there.  Please call/ text/ e-mail   Our numbers are  (419) 564-2869     (419) 564-4740 .  I have 2 July brides that I don't have any information on.  I have a first name that's all.   Their dates are scheduled and no problems with their special day.  I would just like to connect with them  before their special day arrives.    Thank -you to all the  brides, grooms and anyone that has an Event planned.   Everyone has been so kind and understanding with me.   Call /text me I would be pleased to get you going  with any information on the Mill!  Thank - you Denise

The Mill is under new ownership- New contact information!

The Mill is under new ownership!

If you have an event booked, please contact Denise at 419-564-2869.  Don't worry, your event is still reserved!

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