Good Evening,  This is my first try at blogging.  I want to express my gratitude to every bride, groom, family member, anyone that has chosen the Mill to hold your special Event.   We have been busy getting the Mill ready for your special occasion!   Please share all the contact information we have out there.  Please call/ text/ e-mail   Our numbers are  (419) 564-2869     (419) 564-4740 .  I have 2 July brides that I don't have any information on.  I have a first name that's all.   Their dates are scheduled and no problems with their special day.  I would just like to connect with them  before their special day arrives.    Thank -you to all the  brides, grooms and anyone that has an Event planned.   Everyone has been so kind and understanding with me.   Call /text me I would be pleased to get you going  with any information on the Mill!  Thank - you Denise