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I Had a cancellation  May 22, 2016   This is  a Sunday during graduation time.  Anyone interested that has not found a venue for a Graduation Party?
There is only a few dates left for weddings.   July 9 th it is a Saturday 
I also have 3 Saturdays in October  8th, 22nd, 29th. 
There is a few dates left for Bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties!!
Sunday July 10, 17, 24, 31. 
Sunday August 14th, 25th. 
There are some  Sundays In September ,October and November. 
Call/ Text/ Email   I will be happy to share information on the Mill   Thanks Denise
Hi All It's been a while since Millie ( loving pet name for the Mill)  and I have blogged.  First off I have to give a big hug to all the Brides and Guest that have gone through  this wonderful transition with us.  We started in June 2015.  You have all been so wonderful to Jeff and I.  What can I say?  I have had the most beautiful , loving, giving group of young ladies ever.  They have left a lot of decoration for future brides to use and enjoy!  It has been a beautiful tradition.  I can gush about my brides for days!  I have one room with beautiful handmade items, glass pieces, flowers, bucket of colored glass.  You have to see it to appreciate these gorgeous brides!  Then the ones of you that has been to Millie more than once.  A great big Thank- You!  Millie has gotten more wood chairs, more tables, the Ladies bathroom is one color now. Gravel was brought in on a muddy soggy day in February.  My bride Angie knew we were trying to make her day the best ever.  That is one thing, I want every bride to leave with a smile on their face and a great memory forever in their hearts!  Anyway Angie texted and says," Denise I am praying for snow and freezing weather to freeze the  parking lot."   On Wednesday Doug Cowen out of Perrysville came with 21 ton of big gravel.  Well you guessed it!  I texted Angie. I said," Stop praying for snow the gravel is HERE!"  LOL  The back lot will get gravel as soon as lot is not so soft out back.   I have the upstairs open for brides and bride maids to get ready.  No Grooms or Groomsmen allowed upstairs  ! It's a work in progress.  Jeff is gearing up to paint upstairs.  We have a love seat and oak coffee table. We have a kitchen table and 4 chairs.  Curtains and lacey curtains arrived this week.  It is a labor of love.  But when brides and I  continue to message , face book, text, it is worth it all.  Millie and I want you to know how happy we are that we can be a part of your biggest  day.  We are (Jeff and I) invested in wanting to keep cost down and allowing you all the choices on food, music, flowers etc.  We love when young couples choose us and don't have to break the bank to get a place like Millie to get married.  So in closing  the last 9 months have gone fast.  The kindness is overwhelming.  Hugs and Good night all  Millie Jeff and Denise  My cell is (419) 564-4740  
 Hi Millie's I know it's been awhile since a blog has been put up.   I want to Thank all the Brides, Grooms, Families, Any one that used the Mill for a party!   I have been at this for 6 months and have learned so much.   Without you I would of failed.  You have been so kind and loving towards me.  From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you and I love you all.  I have the prettiest, most gracious ,loving brides ever.   I hope you watch the pictures and see ALL the decorations being used over and over again.   The Brides leave beautiful decorations.  The ones made by the Brides are the prettiest ever.   I never dreamed at my age I would be doing something I absolutely LOVE!!    Every time I go to show the Mill for  a wedding, birthday, baby, bridal showers ,graduation I get caught up in the excitement of the  family that is checking the Mill out.  Jeff (my hubby Millie's handy man)   I have to brag,  I love this man with my whole heart!  He has had some extremely serious health issues but it did not hold him down.  The night before his heart cath he was getting stuff ready for a young bride.  Not many men would worry about a young ones wedding!!  Plus he does all the mopping for me.  The last two weddings of the year.  They left all their decorations up for the Holiday parties to enjoy. Including Christmas tree, wreath  and icicle lights!  They decided less was more.  Actually 2 families that enjoy their family Christmas's have rented forever until further notice!!   Dates are filling up fast for 2016.  Any one interested in a wedding or any other parties call /text me (419) 564-4740  Let me show you around! I keep the price low for all the brides.  I don't want to be known as the cheapest.  I want to be known as the best value for your buck.  A beautiful venue without breaking the bank!! Hugs Millie

Hi!! To all of  Millie's favorite bloggers  Wow it has been a fast 4 months since I have been taking care of the Mill and the lovely brides that come through!  I know I have the prettiest, kindness, most generous brides ever.  Just take a look at the decoration room!!!   I believe all of you love the Mill the way we do.  The loving hands that put up their decorations and the way you clean the old girl up is amazing.  Unfortunately the burlap runners with lace that previous brides left for future brides have gone missing!!   Plus all the frilly lace linens I had for brides to use on cake table and guest book tables are gone also.  I am hoping that they are returned.  Hoping they got in someone's box by mistake.  Unfortunately my hubby has had some serious heart and lung issue we have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks or so.  I took my off the Mill for a hot minute not sure when they were last used.  I have went back thru some pics but doesn't help much.  So if anyone knows their where about please send them back.  They were given by a generous heart!   A previous bride texted me and told me she would keep her eye out for more!!  See my brides are generous and caring about the Mill!!   I have a computer teckie coming to do a professional job on web page!   Watch for new exciting things to happen.  I am so excited!!   As always Love and Hugs from  Millie  
Hi all my Millies!!

Hope everyone is ready for Fall.  I know the Mill is getting ready.  We have some pretty Mums out front.  My lovely brides continue to pay it forward.  Millie has many many decorations to share.  June, July, August and September are put to bed.  Millie had several beautiful weddings, baby showers ,bridal showers and graduation parties this Summer!    Each and every one of you has done an amazing job fixing the ole girl up!    Millie has enjoyed the loving care you take of her since she is 120 plus years old.  Her boards creak, her body is getting ready for the cold brrrr winter.  She wants you all to know she loves each and every one of you!!    Plus I know Jeff ( my hubby ) Number #1 handiman and I thank you for being patience with us!!  I am learning along with my brides.  I met the most loving, amazing people there is in the World!   Thank -you all   I think I have this!   I know I love meeting and listening to all your dreams for your weddings and all other events.   Love and Hugs to all  Denise

Dates filling up fast for 2016

Hi   Millies.  We are in wedding ,baby, bridal shower mode!!   It is an exciting place at the Mill.   I love meeting everyone!  Smiles dreams and the perfect venue for special day.  Dates for 2016 are filling up fast.  If you are thinking graduation day.  Call/text me (419) 564-4740  Let the Mill take a load off your mind and the rest you can plan.     Come look I can show anytime!  Brides if you thinking about wedding of your dreams come look!  See if the unique beauty of mill can fit your dream of the perfect venue!    2016 dated are filling up extremely fast!  Don't miss out. 

The past brides have started their own traditions!  The beautiful items they pay forward to the coming up brides are beyond generous.  New to the share room is flowers, glassware,wood items,beautiful signs.  We now have  a three tiered boxes for wedding cake and cup cakes.  Plus barn doors to finish wedding arch if you want to use them!     Come check the Mill out.  I hear a lot of brides pay extra for a lot of the pretties.  Come check out what we share with all the Mill brides.    Hugs the Mill  Where dreams do come true as you fall in LOVE with the Mill
Hi Everyone!   I just want to Thank you  all especially the Brides and Grooms and families and everyone else that has rented the Mill since the Last Saturday in  May and June 2015  forward.  I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart a great big Thank-you!!   You have been so patience with me as I learn.  I have had the funiest 2 months with you.  Each and everyone of you are special to me.  The way you decorate the Mill for your " Dream day"   I love them all.    Again Thank you so much for renting the Mill and giving me the opportunity to show you this unique beautiful Mill.  If you come to look you will be hooked!  Hugs Denise