Hi All  Blog was down could not get to it.  My friend Mark B came over and has me up and running again.  First off still looking for Sept bride Alissa.   Went to Mill at 7:00 pm with hubby and spent 3 hours cleaning.  Everything done!!  It was hot!  That will have to do for tonight's exercises.   Bride Nicole has a lot of Mill decorated already it looks really nice.  If anyone is thinking about 2016 weddings.  Please call quickly.  All Saturdays in June gone  2 Saturdays in July gone.  Graduation parties are filling up fast.   Never would have dreamed it.  I never panned a year in advance put now see the need to.  Lol    Goodnight all  this old lady at the mill is tired.  Hugs
Hi All back from a three day Class reunion fun!   Time to get back to work for my brides and all the other bridal, baby showers and reunions.  Any event you want.   Tell you honestly I am having the time of my life.  The brides are beautiful, pleasant, gracious, All the shower and reunion people are also super duper ( Now u can guess my age)   LOL  I have never met such giving people in my life.  I am blessed.  I believe my brides have started a tradition of leaving something behind for the next bride.    It's like family!  And NO bridezillias!!!   LOL  My gals are sweet as sugar.  Hugs
Hi Bloggers,  What a beautiful day!  We have a new arch with fencing for the brides to use to get married under.  I am still searching for Sept bride Alissa  If anyone has any info on her please call/ text me (419)564-2869   Also I have 2 dates open Sept 19, 2015  and Oct. 24, 2015  Interested in being a Fall bride call me!  Plus all of November is open.  Have your choice of Saturdays!   Thanks Denise Hugs
Hi All!   Just a quick blog.  Bride this week is Tina and her groom is Charles.   I want to wish them the very best!   I am looking for a MIA bride Alissa her wedding date is Sept 26, 2015.  I have heard nothing for her.  In the schedule book it says Alissa that's it.  There is one Saturday left  Sept 19, 2015.   Is there any bride out there looking for a wedding date?  call me (419) 564-2869.   One Sunday left  August 23,2015.  Anyone need  venue for baby,bridal showers or family reunion?  Come check the Mill out I am sure you will love it!    Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all that has had an event or checked the Mill out.   Hugs Denise  
Hi All
  I hope you all had a Happy safe 4th.  Things are rolling along at the Mill.  Showing and parties for repeat customers.  WooHoo.  I hope we have many repeats over the next years.  Wedding through October are filling up fast.  Sept 5th and Sept 19 th   are open dates.  Just wanted to say Hi and touch base.  Have a wonderful day.  The Mill