Hi All   A wedding, baby shower, bridal shower are the events in our lives that bring smiles to our faces.    I just want to say.  Thank -you to all the generous brides that have used the Mill.  The brides are the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen.  Looks like the brides have started a giving tradition.  Shannon gave her bells/kiss cards to Haley a bride I was showing the Mill too.  Sabrina left her bubbles that they forgot to use!  LOL   Sabrina left her aisle runner which I gave to bride Marissa.  Then the bottles that Marissa put a lot of time and love into painting them  Scarlet and gray.  She left them for the next bride that uses those colors!  3 wedding done.  The brides have been so patience with me.  I am just hoping I am helpful and not a pesky pest!     I still am waiting, hoping the bride whose wedding is July 11, 2015 gets hold of us.  (419) 564-2869  So please please pass this on. Share it.  To be totally honest I don't even know if you can share post!    Lovingly The Mill  The lil old man and lady who take care if the Mill!!!
Good Evening All  We have a beautiful bride Marissa and her groom decorating this week .  They are wrapping lights in tulle. It's going to look nice all lite up.  Marissa's finance was busy fixing broken table legs for me.  Thank you very much!   I am still in search of two July brides?  (419) 564-2869 please pass cell number on if you know  brides.  We have a Saturday in September and one in October if you are searching for a beautiful unique one of a kind venue.   Brides / Grooms all of November is open if you are seeking the perfect place.  Call/Text me.  I will take you through the Mill any day,  morning, day or night .  We would love the opportunity to make your special occasion exceptional!  
Good Evening,  Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there a couple hours early.    This morning Jeff re-strung lights in the food room.  He got them strung clear across the room.  We washed all the white outside tables and chairs.  I hope Lexington class of 2005 has a great evening full of new memories!  I did not know if this blog was  reaching anyone and a very nice lady named Brenda told me she enjoys the blog.  Thank you very much.  Met some new friends today.  They were telling me they where transplants to Ohio
They had the cutest lil one!    Thank you so much for visiting Mill!  I am excited for you in 2016.  So happy the Mill will be your home base for your wedding.    As always Thanks the Mill
Good Evening all.  This girl is tired.  Been at the Mill most of the day.  Jeff set up racks where all decorations can be seen.   I was up till 1:30 AM last night washing beautiful glassware.  Finished up today.  Jeff is getting another rack for linens , flowers and table runners!!  Broke at least 6 glass pretties.  Was cleaning shelves again and got off balance grabbed shelves to steady my self and they are just sitting in slots.  Down came 6 bottles!   Jeff mopped floors again.   New solar  lights out front.   I am excited about brides coming in.  Saturday night Lexington class reunion.  I hope they make a ton of new memories.  This chick is  going to shower and heading to bed.  Call/ text me I am excited to show the Mill.  Night All
Good Evening!  Worked at Mill getting all the decorations organized in a different room so brides can see all there is to use.   Liquid gold to all wood areas.   Light airy curtains up  Vertical blind up in front room.  Cleaning all glass ware tonight.  We are  getting excited.  Flowers planted outside.  Mowing tomorrow.  Windows washed.    Call / text come on out and see what's going on at the Mill.    Saturday July 4, 2015 open date.  Saturday September 19, 2015 opened up due to a cancellation   Saturday October 10, 2015 open.   Many Sundays 2015 open for baby/ bridal showers.    If you are considering the Mill for 2016      May - October 2016 filling up fast.   Thanks to all who has chosen the Mill
Good Evening,  This is my first try at blogging.  I want to express my gratitude to every bride, groom, family member, anyone that has chosen the Mill to hold your special Event.   We have been busy getting the Mill ready for your special occasion!   Please share all the contact information we have out there.  Please call/ text/ e-mail   Our numbers are  (419) 564-2869     (419) 564-4740 .  I have 2 July brides that I don't have any information on.  I have a first name that's all.   Their dates are scheduled and no problems with their special day.  I would just like to connect with them  before their special day arrives.    Thank -you to all the  brides, grooms and anyone that has an Event planned.   Everyone has been so kind and understanding with me.   Call /text me I would be pleased to get you going  with any information on the Mill!  Thank - you Denise

The Mill is under new ownership- New contact information!

The Mill is under new ownership!

If you have an event booked, please contact Denise at 419-564-2869.  Don't worry, your event is still reserved!

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