Hi All   A wedding, baby shower, bridal shower are the events in our lives that bring smiles to our faces.    I just want to say.  Thank -you to all the generous brides that have used the Mill.  The brides are the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen.  Looks like the brides have started a giving tradition.  Shannon gave her bells/kiss cards to Haley a bride I was showing the Mill too.  Sabrina left her bubbles that they forgot to use!  LOL   Sabrina left her aisle runner which I gave to bride Marissa.  Then the bottles that Marissa put a lot of time and love into painting them  Scarlet and gray.  She left them for the next bride that uses those colors!  3 wedding done.  The brides have been so patience with me.  I am just hoping I am helpful and not a pesky pest!     I still am waiting, hoping the bride whose wedding is July 11, 2015 gets hold of us.  (419) 564-2869  So please please pass this on. Share it.  To be totally honest I don't even know if you can share post!    Lovingly The Mill  The lil old man and lady who take care if the Mill!!!