Hi!! To all of  Millie's favorite bloggers  Wow it has been a fast 4 months since I have been taking care of the Mill and the lovely brides that come through!  I know I have the prettiest, kindness, most generous brides ever.  Just take a look at the decoration room!!!   I believe all of you love the Mill the way we do.  The loving hands that put up their decorations and the way you clean the old girl up is amazing.  Unfortunately the burlap runners with lace that previous brides left for future brides have gone missing!!   Plus all the frilly lace linens I had for brides to use on cake table and guest book tables are gone also.  I am hoping that they are returned.  Hoping they got in someone's box by mistake.  Unfortunately my hubby has had some serious heart and lung issue we have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks or so.  I took my off the Mill for a hot minute not sure when they were last used.  I have went back thru some pics but doesn't help much.  So if anyone knows their where about please send them back.  They were given by a generous heart!   A previous bride texted me and told me she would keep her eye out for more!!  See my brides are generous and caring about the Mill!!   I have a computer teckie coming to do a professional job on web page!   Watch for new exciting things to happen.  I am so excited!!   As always Love and Hugs from  Millie